Hiking the Gorge

At the height of fall, the leaves were displaying their beauty before the fall winds took them away.     I was given an address to an amazing hiking location to be explored.   I would describe it as magical.    The mixture of trails, water and rocks are to be explored.

As I ventured forward, the hills got steeper and the rocks and boulders got larger.   The water was always running beside the trail.   A day with sun shining through the leaves.


I love capturing the different textures of nature.   The structure of the bridge fitted among the rocks mixed with the shadows is really what I strive for.  Balancing the elements is what I look for when capturing these images.


Everyone was out to enjoy this glorious day.   Maggie and I love to wander roads less traveled and as we headed to the hills more images appeared.

The afternoon started to wain as we ventured onward.   Two miles turned to three and soon the sun started to set and we were far from the car.   Was it time to turn around or continue on, I only explored about a third of the gorge and will return to find the waterfalls others speak of.

The beauty in nature surrounds us ~ we just need to make the time to explore!


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