Contrast in the Woods

In a constant effort to keep my pup, Maggie entertained and exercised we ventured out on this cold January morning into the trails of Chester County.  img_3842  I am not a paved path person ~ would prefer to wonder and find contrast and texture.

When I take the camera along for the hike, I let life and the images speak to me.   I can walk for an hour and nothing speaks to me and then all of sudden I can take 200 pictures.    The textures of the wood and water have an never ending supply of images.img_4003





With the snow along the path, it added a dimension that was lost when the ground was in bloom.    The way the snow hit the cracks and creases brings out another perspective in nature.   Shades of grey and the sun reflection on the moving water are inspiring.   Life keeps moving as the water travels on.   I am learning to BE present, to BE in the moment and appreciate the nature that surrounds me.    I am still not able to sit quietly and take in the moment, but I do get lost in moving.




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