Strong competitor

I took a break from hiking in the woods to spending some time in a hockey rink.   I can admit I am a hockey novice and got an education.

Think of field hockey ~ lacrosse and basketball combined on ice skates   Plus add about 25-ish pounds of equipment; gloves and a helmet.

To watch 14 year old girls master have dedicated focus was fascinating to watch.   These girls from diverse backgrounds come together with a commonality.

YES, girls, and the ponytails trail in their wind ~ they were explosive, reactive and dynamic in their movements.   They tracked and responded to the changing direction and demands of the required to compete at this level.   Their tempers get the best of them like the rest of us and elbows are thrown and returned.


Recognizing the stance or the wait for action, the quick shifts of the body weight and the power to change direction brought back memories of my kids in the various sports they played.    The camera caught emotion, dedication and heart.   To be a shadow on the wall and capture this heart and soul of a young competitor was amazing to watch.

Thanks for a fun weekend ~

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