Partner in Crime

I have had dogs all my life and they were apart of the household/   With luck, they had water in the dog bowl, food after everyone was fed and a walk when the craziness of life didn’t take over. 20160721_130458

Then this little pup showed up,  this cute little fluff ball.   Loved stuffed animals, has more balls than my kids had when they were little and a well stocked shelf of treats.



No bigger than a pair of tennis shoes she sat comfortably on the stairs entertaining herself.    Maggie is now almost 3 years old and has become my partner in crime, my hiking buddy.


The silly antics I come home to, whether its playing with the toilet paper or eating a goose down pillow its always entertaining and she usually collapses in a heap on the couch next to me.    But the best times are had outside in the woods.   She wants nothing more than to climb the hills, to explore the water and the woods.  Eat snow or pull me down steep banks in the hunt of a squirrel.


No matter what, I know there will be a lot of fun adventures in the time ahead.     And if there is any doubt if Maggie is coming the next time ~ there’s always a race to the door – NOPE she is not being left behind!



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