Fresh fallen snow

I ventured out on an early morning after a fresh fallen snow to capture nature untouched.   The snow laid on the ground untouched by footprints.

The snow covered the bench and the beautiful rock creation I had walked past so many times unnoticed jumped to life.      The lines shapes and textures are no longer hidden.  The snow in its beauty drew out the features of the area.IMG_4731.JPG

That morning it was different.    The intrinsic beauty of nature is no longer camouflaged by its  surroundings.   When the ground is kissed with snow all of the details become crystal clear.   The trees have shape, form and jump to life.   The distinct contract of the moving water against the shoreline of land shown depth and dimension.      I have considered moving to other areas of the country, but what I am discovering is that I have not yet fully explore what is available in my backyard.

How many of you have interrupted your daily routine to do something different?    Have many of you truly have been able to find peace and tranquility in nature.    I challenge you to put on your hats, coats and gloves and be inspired by your surroundings.  img_4968 I was always a city girl.   I never knew how to dress for weather.   I was the one your could count on to have my hair fixed and my clothes just right.   But what I am discovering is that there is so much more.  And by getting out of my own way and being one with nature, I am able to create, capture and truly get out of my heart and be open to the possibilities of something new and exciting.

Come with me on this journey – there are many more adventures in my future!

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