Beauty of the old

Within a short walk I stumbled upon this beautiful old structure.   The vines have grown and covered this masterpiece.


I have walked this path many times but never realized the gem that was tucked away.    When everything is dormant this emerged out of the tangled brush.     I love exploring old structures the shapes, textures and carpentry are masterful.   You can make out the archway to the home off in the distance, but no door to the structure remained.

Life has continued on and this has been long forgotten.    I chose to wander around this old homestead and capture the detailed beauty of what once was.    The foundation of this home is laid out in an L structure, the fireplace clearly opposite the doorway.

The more I wander the more I was amazed and drawn in.    A home set back from the highway built in stone.    The beams are scorcher as if a fire took the roof down.   The archway to the home was massive and stands tall and wide and inviting.

Arched Door.JPG

The debris of roof collapsing in on itself was too dangerous in the snow to explore. The  outside walls are all that are left standing.    This was a real beauty way back when.    The peaks of the structure gave a sense of a second story to the home.

The symmetry of the structure was detailed and thought out.   This home was designed for entertaining.    Courtyard.JPGThere was a stone bar attached and smaller structures adjacent to the main.    There was walled in backyard and an abundance of trees surround this home.   I can only image that this was a playground for children to grow and explore.

There are many treasures left for me to explore … know that I will have a camera in hand and seek them out.    And will share the magic and splendor of my finds!

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  1. Anne says:

    I have enjoyed reading this for I too find ruins of buildings interesting to look at and to wonder about – especially if they are in isolated places where nature has taken over.


    1. They so speak to me!


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