Kinsey Distillery

I have a fascination with old abandoned building.   I have attempted to explore this distillery for the better part of six months, but the local police and I have been in conversation when I attempted to enter the site.


They watch and protect, whereas I want to explore and capture photographs.   On this particular Sunday, the skies were clear and snow covered the ground and apparently the local officials were not on their quiet post.   The main gate stands with padlocks but doesn’t connect to anything and the guard house is beyond repair.


I can assure you that Maggie was not apart of this afternoons adventure and I chose not to enter any of these structures as many were falling apart.

There were almost 20 buildings on this 197 acre property and most of the entrances were closed with mortar and cinder blocks.   If you were to obtain entrance to any of the structures, you would need to be extremely creative.

This property has history and detail and wandering in the snow covered grounds I was able to get a closer look into some of the structures that would otherwise be covered with vines and thorns.   The bourbon distillery had its day and over time, life fire and decay has consumed it.    I have many more images to share ~ until another day!


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