30 Day Commitment

I am committed to posting on this photo blog for the next 30 days to share the abundance of pictures I have taken.   To inspire, to excite you and for you to see the amazing nature that surrounds us!

The have been hiking 2-3 times a week and always with the camera.   Who has ever caught a picture of a random red holiday ornament in the woods?

IMG_3961.JPG It’s fun to explore new area and there are always surprises on the trail including an angry groundhog which made me turn around and take a different route!

Many of these trails, lakes and streams are local and you might recognize them.  Others are as far away as North Carolina, New Jersey, Delaware just to name a few.

I love capturing pictures of old abandoned building, structures and items.     IMG_4877The most fun is capturing that rare and unmistakable photo that speaks to your heart.   The snow will not be in the same place tomorrow and the sun maybe behind clouds.   All amazing and really cool finds!

Some days are intentional hikes that I set off in a direction for a particular park or trail and others are random.    Never fear ~ safety first.   Police and trespassing are negotiable.    My intent is not to disturb but to capture and preserve that image in time.     Maybe something in these photos inspires you to go off in the direction of a long lost passion or dream.    I can only hope!

30 Days starts now!

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