I love the peace and quiet of the mornings.   When the kids were young, I always wanted that first cup of coffee to breathe and set the pace for the day.   Things haven’t changed much and I do love the mornings, whether on my deck or sitting out in nature.


This particular morning at the beach it had a light misty rain.   Love the way the camera caught these rain drops and in the distance the sun peaking through the clouds to bounce its smiling reflection off the water.

We live is such a fast paced world, stopping to catch my breathe was never my strong suit as I was always busy.   Busy with work, busy with kids and the home.     And sitting in an UN-busy day drove  my mind into overdrive.    It took work to be present; journaling, meditation all took time and energy for me to be present ~ there are times that my impatience still is talking to me!

IMG_2663What I share with you is the images of my being present, of being still and recognizing that if I could not quiet my inner self, I would miss this wonderful opportunities and photos.


I was coming over the dunes on the approach to the beach as the clouds started part.    Not a soul was on the beach this morning and most of the travelers had left the day before.   It was our own perfect paradise stretched out before us.

Sitting in the sand and listening to the water and the ripple of the waves never gets old.   The cooler air coming off the water and the light mist of rain danced off the camera lens.


The mind is still, the dog laying beside me as we just relax into the day.   No where to be, no one to meet.   When life gets a bit stressful or when I over-schedule my day I love going back to these photos as it reminds me how to be present.    These moments in time that I have captured in my photos would not have been possible if I continued on my frenetic pace ~ life is precious, I am learning DAILY to enjoy these moments in time!


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