Rolling Dunes

My heart seeks and searches for adventure.   Finding gems off the beaten path.    The land untouched by development running parallel to the ocean is breathtaking.

I had a unique opportunity to explore and climb the dunes.   There was an abundance of vegetation growing on this land and I chose to explore the highs and lows of this preserve.

Stepping deep into the dunes and away from the surf the sound of silence surrounded me.   Initially I didn’t notice, then the realization ~ the roar of the waves were gone, the chirping of the birds that were close to shore disappear, the wind that cooled the body now the air sat thick and dense.

Onward we moved, Maggie and I until she said enough!!!      Maggie dug a hole in the sand that afternoon and chose to rest.  Thirty minutes in the cool sand resting, drinking water before she decided it was time to move ~ how many times do we acknowledge what our bodies are telling us?   Do we push on or do we stop?

Maggie taught me it was OK to slow down, it was OK that we only finished half of the trail.    The beauty of this land needs further exploration!  Until we meet again ….


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