Looking UP!

I have always been one to focus forward.   Sitting idle is not in my being.  IMG_2795 I always have a to do list, and my head is always down focused on one or many different things.     The word SLOW was not in my world, until recently.

I can remember growing up and laying in the grass and watching the clouds roll by.      We would try to find the animal or pictures that were displayed in the randomness of the rolling clouds.    The depth of the images that appear above on these lazy days of summer were to be embraced.   Life took over and we forgot to STOP and breathe.

Nature has a wonderful palette of colors shapes and textures to offer us.    We have gotten into the rat race of life and maybe its life experiences that have caused me to slow down.  IMG_2708I am truly grateful to have come to this place where it’s not about the things and always going and doing and being connected.   I enjoy the calm silence of what nature has to offer.    When was the last time you stopped, took your shoes off and wandered through the grass or actually looked up?   Try it ~ remember when!   You will be glad you did!



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