The Little Things

Many of us take walks in nature and to accomplish something – whether its to get our daily steps in, or to channel the dogs energy or just to clear our heads, I understand as I have done all of the above. IMG_8094  When was the last time you truly embraced nature and noticed the little things around you?

Nature provides us with colors raw and rare.   It provides us with the crayola box of colors.  When was the last time you stopped long enough?

carved owl







This carved owl would have been missed if I didn’t stop.   Carved out of the stump sitting among the shrubs, standing proud but would have gone unnoticed if I didn’t slow down.    IMG_8109  The row boat that is stuck in the brush along the edge of the lake forgotten ~ how many things have we forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life?   Just notice!    Do you even see it or is the view just so amazing it gets lost in plane site?

Have you ever seen a PINK water lily?  IMG_8072 In Buddahism it is considered to be the supreme lotus representing beauty, purity, creation and enlightenment.    And yet again, how many of you would have walked right by it.    Life is too short!   I am guilty of putting my head down and forging foward.   After an escape weekend removed from the hustle and bustle of life, I stopped and noticed.   I chose to be present to my surroundings and notice the little things.    Every day is a gift and we get to embrace each – its a choice.   What will your choice be – fill your calendar with stuff and check off your to-do-lists or realize we are here to connect and BE present to life around us!  The choice is yours!

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