Rocks and Bolders

The terrain in Shenandoah National Park is wonderous.   The Applician Trail whines through the park. IMG_3582  Little did I know what I had said yes to when a dear friend asked if I wanted to come.    My mindset was completely different than last summers adventure and I am never one to miss a photo opp!

Over the course of the 4-day adventure we hiked the mid-section of the park, covering 55 miles in four days.   Hiking from the south many days started in tree cover and rose above the ridge.    The scenery was amazing.  The rocks were huge though, there weren’t the boulder scrambles of the past.

The trails narrowed and the cliffs were steep at times as we made our way up.    There were times that my heart races as I realized just how far the fall would be if I was not present to my surroundings.  IMG_3663 Exhileration was the only word that could describe some of the passages.   A sense of accomplishment, a challenge completed.

The air was fresh, the sounds of nature surrounded us as we ventured forward.   The sun peaked through the trees and a calmness on the trail urged us forward.    Up and around and then down again as the trail continued.   And before we realized it we rose above the tree line.   The view was spectacular in every direction.  The sky was clear and as you took a deep breathe peace encompassed you.



We sat there on those rocks and life floated by.    I was able to BE present, enjoy the moment while nourishing my body.    There were many other hikers that passed by as we sat.    I want to explore more, I want to see what else I can accomplish.   The climb was long but the view was worth every minute of it.

In stark contrast to my long hike last summer ~ this was by far a spiritual journey.   I was present to my surroundings, enjoyed the experience and no longer carried the anger and baggage of the past through the woods.    I didn’t realize that this freedom was available to me.     We all have stories and drama from the past that we can either chose to have it continually weigh us down or make a choice to do the work.  IMG_3905With time and dedicated focus I have done the work ~ this was about celebrating the new direction, the new freedom, the new sense of self-worth and value.

The gift of transformation has forever changed my life.   Boulders no longer weigh heavy on me.  Little did I know what I said YES to four years ago, but it has opened my heart, connected me to a group of inspiring individuals who think BIG and do BIG things with their life and are going to change the WORLD!    Some times it’s the smallest conversation that has the biggest impact.    You don’t have to play small, you don’t have to live in the box called your LIFE ~ let me introduce you to the possiblities of FREEDOM ~ it is a gift from my heart!

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  1. Beautiful hike! The beauty of nature is always amazing.


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