Be Do Love!

The latest buzzwords these days are finding your truth or your authentic self. IMG_2891Numerous podcasts go on at length about these topics – I never understood that.    But in the quiet of my days, whether journaling or hiking in the woods I have found what makes my heart sing and it is at the root of self. I am driven, passionate, headstrong, energetic, impatient with a need to be physically active, creative, interruptive, full of life and at times frustrating – and yes, some of you know that;  I am a unique woman, leader, coach, a difference maker! – many or all of these have been used to describe me.    As is the nature that I embrace.

I can see the bigger picture, I can see your truth and I can support you in getting to your authentic self – many of us are hindered by the stories of our past.  

IMG_8257There are brief moments in our life that stood as defining moments and to others looking in were nothing but a brief passing conversation.   But we have held onto these “stories” and carried as baggage.    To find that rawness, the heart and soul you have to peel the layers.   I have walked this journey and sometimes in darkness; over time and years I have let go of the stories that no longer support my life.     


As a young girl speaking with my guidance counselor planning for college and life; I was excited about what my future held for me but that one fateful day truly interrupted my focus.    I have always wanted a bigger life, want to see the world, make an impact. But in conversation about college and what the next phase after high school looked like for me ~ she chose to interject an opinion that was biased and was the first time I felt judged.   This woman who was supposed to be wise and provide insight and direction chose to question my want for more, chose to state that I should NOT consider additional education, should NOT consider college, should be happy with finding an administrative JOB because it would be a waste of money.   She stated that all I would end up doing is getting married, having babies and being a housewife. WOW, to this day I still remember those words ~ such limiting beliefs. Were they her words or mine?


Instead of heeding her advice, I became that headstrong individual.   I was not going to let her words define my life, my future and anything else I get to do.    Those words can still be heard and every day, I am choosing a different path. IMG_2552There were times when I got lost in the story and now I recognize it was just that – a story.      I know that when anxiety creeps in, I need to separate from the pack, I need to spend time in nature. Nature calms me, soothes my energy, my creativity starts to explode. I can journal and be present where prior to knowing myself and what truly supports me I became frenzied anxious.    

It’s time to interrupt what no longer supports you and your life.   Are you happy with yourself? Are you frustrated that you have lost your voice?    Are you feeling lost without insight or direction? That was me – I was given the gift of life and love.       IMG_8260

Without hesitation, I jumped at the chance to let go of the stories I was carrying and stepped into a much bigger life.   I CHALLENGE you, that if you want more, if you want to have a life filled with love, peace and empowerment, life is now and I will walk with you on this journey.   You don’t have to walk alone, I will ease your burden as you deal with your shit as it comes up and recognize that you are only given this one chance, this one life ~ play BIGGER, embrace each day with a zest for love!


I have found that hiking in the woods, with a dog melts the frustrations of the day, the self-doubt and any stories that are dancing in my head.  I know that capturing images through the eyes of a camera lens makes my heart dance. And in those rare moments those once in a lifetime photographs speak to my soul.   Happiness is being present to what shows up. Giving back to nature what no longer supports me so that I can BE, DO and LOVE!

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